The Super Skin Booster, Profhilo is taking the Aesethtics world by storm as the results of this treatment are very impressive!

This treatment is the ideal option for anyone experiencing ageing of the skin. Dehydrated, lined, crepey skin on the face areas such as the eyes, cheeks, neck, and jawline. This product is a pure hyaluronic acid that is injected into the superficial layers of the skin not a physical dermal filler, we would describe its texture as a thick honey. Working to simulate the production of collagen, it enhances stem cell reproduction. It also restores the skin and fat layers to their natural state. Profhilo is ideal for skin that has lost elasticity and a natural youthful plumpness.

It noticeably stimulates Elastin, the natural elastic in the skin.  Profhilo is perfect for anyone experiencing premature ageing or general ageing of the skin, who wish to turn back the clock who wish to dramatically improve skin tone and texture without dermal filler products. This product will completely remodel the skin. It can also be used on the hands and decolletage.

Profhilo is a pure hyaluronic acid which works by treating skin laxity and improving overall skin health.

Through targeting the neck area using Profhilo, it is possible to tighten both the neck and the jawline for a defined and youthful appearance. Results can be seen straight away and improve over time.  Two treatments are needed one month apart. Then a top up every 6 months.

Whether it is to improve the definition of the jawline and neck or reducing the appearance of a double chin, there are great options to suit all skin conditions.